Monthly challenge projects for intermediate colorers. Copic, colored pencil, pens & novelty inks. Every month a fresh lesson using a new Power Poppy digital stamp. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Real coloring in real time

Are you ready for realistic coloring?

Online video classes are not real, at least not real in the way you assume.

The projects are planned months in advance. The lessons are tested and simplified. The demonstration is rehearsed. The footage is shot multiple times and edited for clarity. The script is….well, it’s a script!

Everything about an online art class is designed to make the project look easy and amazing.

But that’s not how real art works.

Vanilla Livestream breaks the production barrier, giving you a real look into the real time artistic process.

Monthly challenge projects for intermediate colorers. Copic, colored pencil, pens & novelty inks. Every month a fresh lesson using a new Power Poppy digital stamp. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring
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Monthly challenge projects for intermediate colorers. Copic, colored pencil, pens & novelty inks. Every month a fresh lesson using a new Power Poppy digital stamp. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Challenge Coloring - advance your skills

Join professional illustrator Amy Shulke for Vanilla Livestream coloring demonstrations.

Amy shows you her authentic and unvarnished artist’s process for developing next-level mixed media coloring projects.

Every episode of Vanilla Livestream presents you with a new artistic concept or skill. Amy introduces the technique in easy to understand, easy to practice steps, but then inspires you to apply the same skill towards your own independent projects.

Vanilla Livestreams are more than a fun project to keep your hands busy, they’re filled with practical advice for a lifetime of artistry.

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Copic Markers, colored pencils, & watercolor

Vanilla Livestream is recommended for intermediate to advanced students.

Basic techniques are not covered.

Perfect for 2
  • Intermediate colorers who already have basic Copic blending skills
  • Intermediate colorers who are tired of "monkey see, monkey do" demonstrations
  • Experienced colorers looking to challenge their current skills
  • Shy artists who want more than crafty classes based on trendy novelty techniques

Still a beginner? Start with Marker Painting Foundations to develop your basic Copic Marker technique BEFORE joining Vanilla Livestream sessions. Livestream lessons are challenging by design and are not appropriate for beginners.

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Current Livestream Archive:

  • Vintage Home Run

    Take a step back in time...


    Join Amy for an important lesson on how unimportant color is to creating depth, dimension, and realism.

    It's all about the values.

    Amy shows you how to manage value sets for monochromatic images and using them to develop touchable depth in your projects.

    Plus she'll share the inside scoop on how to get the perfect vintage feel. It's not enough to go gray, there's a mindset shift that also has to happen.

  • Sea Glass

    Practice developing realistic texture and transparency on mid-tone paper. Copic Marker + Prismacolor Pencil

  • Cupcake Blast

    Create bold and vibrant color on deep, dark paper using Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Stonehenge Black watercolor paper.