Feeling overwhelmed by colored pencils?

They're just pencils, right?

Pencils are supposed to be easy!

Sure, you've figured out how to fill-in-the-blanks and do some mediocre blending... but most online tutorials are nothing more than "I used this color and then I used that color..."  which misses a lot of key information.

Conversely, there is great information on art websites but whoa, a lot of it sounds way too technical. You're supposed to be some sort of drawing genius with years of experience.

You want something more than the crafty stuff without having to go back to school!

You want to make art!

More than monkey-see, monkey-do coloring demonstrations

The goal is to help you understand your pencils from the basics up-- setting the foundation for a lifetime of creative self-expression.

Colored Pencil Plus - An introduction to the artistic approach to colored pencils.  26 lessons, forever access & personalized feedback | VanillaArts.com | #prismacolor #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring
  • About your supplies and tools- what you really need, what's just fluffy extra stuff, and how to choose from the many brands available.
  • How to hold your pencils- how to position your hand, arm, and body to make the most efficient and artistic stroke.
  • How to begin your projects- eliminate the guesswork and the habit of recklessly charging in without a plan.
  • How to fix a mistake- and how to move on if you can't fix the flaw.
  • What order to apply colors- finding the method that's right for your brain.
  • How to blend- and when not to blend
  • How to shape and layer objects- understanding dimension, form, and space rather than worrying about lighting conditions

Red Striped Rose   (your final project)-

Start with beginner level skills and progress to artistic realism. Amy helps you learn to simplify complex florals into easy to manage and fun to color segments.

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Work at your own pace

Jumpstart your Coloring!

Change the way you think about color...

Improve your process to improve your coloring!

Colored Pencil Plus is an online, twelve week introduction to the artistic approach to colored pencils.


Amy Shulke is a professional technical illustrator with a special passion for teaching beginners how to color, paint, and draw. She teaches students to be independently creative rather than leaving you dependent on further classes for inspiration. Amy designs her projects to help you practice and perfect versatile skills rather than demonstrating just enough technique to get you through a single project.


Colored Pencil Plus has an active course discussion board. Instructor feedback and student support are a key feature of this course.  Every project photo you submit will be carefully considered and you'll receive advice specifically tailored to your unique needs. Ask for clarification or further information at any time!

Colored Pencil Plus - An introduction to the artistic approach to colored pencils.  26 lessons, forever access & personalized feedback | VanillaArts.com | #prismacolor #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Weekly Course Projects

Learn to color like an artist

Colored Pencil Plus - An introduction to the artistic approach to colored pencils.  26 lessons, forever access & personalized feedback | VanillaArts.com | #prismacolor #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring
  • BEGINNERS who are frustrated with their lack of growth using tutorials and how to videos

  • SELF TAUGHT colorers who feel like they've missed the big secret to amazing coloring

  • UNCONFIDENT COLORERS who still encounter problems with shading and depth

  • FRUSTRATED COLORERS who struggle when coloring independently

  • HABITUAL COLORERS who are stuck in a rut where every project looks the same

  • DREAMING COLORERS who want to create unique and expressive works of art

Beginners and Beyond

You do not have to be a beginner to benefit from Colored Pencil Plus.

This is art-based instruction and the approach is completely different than anything you've experienced in any coloring class.

Colored Pencil Plus is 26 lessons for $350. That's $14 per lesson.

Monthly payment option available

What you need to know...

Open Enrollment ~ Join anytime ~ Forever Access

  • This is NOT your grandma's coloring class!  Amy is extremely detail oriented and she shares fun facts in a humorous and unorthodox way.  It's serious coloring with a light-hearted approach.


  • This course will make you think. If you're not ready to challenge your coloring assumptions, this may not  be the course for you.


  • Lurkers lose!  The whole point of this course is to improve your coloring, right?  Improvement happens when you complete the projects AND submit them to the private Colored Pencil Plus Forums for evaluation and encouragement.  Amy helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. She will give you specific instructions on how to make improvements.  If you don't turn your projects in, if you skip the feedback experience- you will miss the heart the class.


  • This course will change the way you look at the world around you.  Be prepared for odd looks and eye-rolls from your family when you stop mowing the lawn to stare at the color of the grass or when you pause a television show in order to look closer at the tree on the left.  Sorry, being weird is part of being an artist!

16 Original Digital Stamps

Each digital stamp has been designed exclusively by Amy to enhance the week's lesson.

Billing Options

Vanilla Arts Co. will bill you one time for the full cost of the course.


Choose the monthly payment option to spread the cost of the course over three easy payments.

Printable Learning Aids

Color maps, shading guides, color studies, and process photos give you a close-up look at the projects.

Instead of simply recreating the sample project, you'll see and understand how each step builds to the end result.

Lesson Videos

Lesson videos are concept focused.  Watch and enjoy the video with a cup of coffee. 

No pressure to color, color, color faster!

Narrated Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos emphasize technique with frequent timeouts allowing Amy to explain the process.

Detailed Guidebook

A 150 page guidebook reinforces each week's lesson with extra information and key concepts to stimulate further thought and discussion.

Personalized Instructor Feedback

Personalized feedback helps you make specific corrections and improve your weakest skills.

Private Student Discussion Group

The CP+ private student group is where you submit your projects for Amy's evaluation and feedback.   

This group is also perfect for student networking and support! It's a great community of current and former students who share their successes and struggles.

Colored Pencil Plus - An introduction to the artistic approach to colored pencils.  26 lessons, forever access & personalized feedback | VanillaArts.com | #prismacolor #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Colored Pencil Plus Supply Information

Looking for information on what supplies you'll need throughout the course?


We put everything in one place for you!

Clink the link below for the colors, brands, and tools you'll need to start learning.

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