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A closer look at basic technique

Coming February 2020

Join Amy Shulke ( and Elena Cazares ( as they deep-dive on basic coloring techniques like flicking, swishing, blending, lambswooling, cross-hatching, and so much more.


You'll enjoy this two-point perspective on how to do it and do it right, especially when Amy and Elena disagree. No two artists do things the same way. One of their methods will be right for you!




'A la Carte Instruction


We're building a technique library!

Every episode of Coloring Basics covers one skill or method.

Purchase only the episodes you want. Concentrate on one technique at a time.




Remember, BASIC is different than BEGINNER!



In the beginning, everything is new. Coloring Basics demonstrates one technique slowly and informatively. This approach is more in-depth and up-close than you'll see in regular coloring demonstrations. Beginner coloring classes overwhelm you with a full sized project that requires multiple steps and color changes. In Coloring Basics, we strip away the fluff to focus solely on one technique and how to do it well.


For experienced colorers, sometimes we miss key bits of instruction, skip important lessons, or develop bad habits over time. When you discover a weakness, you don't want to go back and repeat all the slow beginner classes again. Coloring Basics lets you concentrate on just the area where you need help without rehashing the stuff you already know.




Coloring Basics is unique!

  • All sessions are recorded and available as a forever access video.
  • 100% technique and exercise oriented. No project to color, no stamps to purchase!
  • Printable exercise pages included.
  • Discussion forum for feedback, followup, and community support.
  • Bonus digital stamp included. Practice the technique first, then try it on an EXCLUSIVE challenge image.
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